Good Morning, Sun.

Right now, I am listening to my cat snoring, my son coughing, and deciding what to write here.  The truth is that although I consider myself a reasonably competent writer, I am lacking right now.  So maybe I will summarize a bit…

I moved to Duluth, Minnesota with my 16-year-old son a little over two months ago.  How I came to be here is a journey that will come out over time.  I hope to begin a chapter or two of my life here, and close out a few books in the process.  I hope you can join me. I haven’t decided yet if I am going to include a link to my old blog…it seems as though it was an entirely different life, one I learned a great deal from, but am no longer living.


One Response to “Good Morning, Sun.”

  1. skhanson66 Says:

    I was trying to create a new blog when I found this one. WOW TIMES SURE HAVE CHANGED!

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